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Employee expectations are evolving, and it’s fundamentally changing the world of work. How? Why? When? These are just some of the questions organisations want answers to. At Havas People, we have the knowledge and insight to explain what’s going on.

Every few months, alongside industry experts, we share this insight through our breakfast seminar series, Talent Bites. Open to HR professionals, each event is a fascinating dive into how you can tackle the most pressing talent and recruitment issues of today and tomorrow.


Over the past decade, we’ve seen a growing body of evidence attest to the benefits of greater gender equality in the workforce – from improved financial performance and reputation to increased levels of innovation and more effective group problem-solving.

Whilst the benefits seem clear, the UK lags behind other European nations on key indicators. For example, women make up less than 1 in 4 Board Members of UK FSTE 100 Companies and on average, a woman in the UK earns around 80p for every £1 earned by a man. Across industry sectors, UK employers are struggling to address the myriad issues preventing women from reaching the most senior positions.

But the pace of change is accelerating. The proportion of women on FTSE 100 boards has almost doubled in the last four years, with the UK on track to meet its 25% target this year. The Government is currently consulting on the introduction of compulsory gender pay gap data from 2016. As momentum for change picks up, we believe organisations that aren’t making progress in terms of gender equality will become increasingly at risk of competitive disadvantage.

Our latest Talent Bites will hear from five speakers about their take on attracting and retaining women –  from the issues surrounding women in tech, to research into the causes and case studies of what works from organisations who are leading the way.


Sinead Bunting, Marketing Director at Monster UK & Ireland
Yelena Gaufman,Head of Planning at Havas Worldwide
Kathryn Nawrockyi, Gender Equality Director at Business in the Community
Suzy Levy, Director at The Red Plate
Rachel McCourty, Insight Manager at Havas People

From the event

View all the videos here and presentations from the day.