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Future talent and toast



Breakfast News was formed to lead the conversation around future talent. Today, it has well and truly made its name as the most significant and respected gathering of the graduate and school leaver recruitment community in the UK. At Havas People, we’re very proud to partner with GTI Media in sponsoring Breakfast News events.

Each session brings together around 200 people, including graduate recruiters, recruitment marketing agencies, and universities. We feature speakers from within the industry as well as the wider world, allowing us to gain different perspectives.

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This is the fourth event in the Breakfast News series, which looks at the changing profile of young people and the impact this has on early careers recruitment. 


Dr. Paul Redmond, Director of Student Life at the University of Manchester, will argue that for each new generation, work can be a bewildering experience. Forget flexible working, dress-down Fridays and flatter hierarchies; the fact remains that most organisations were built by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers – and for Generation Y and Millennials, today’s digital natives, not a great deal has changed.


Stephen Isherwood, AGR’s CEO will develop this theme by looking at what employers are doing, and what they can do to ensure the ‘student to work’ transition take place more smoothly.


April Bryce, Creative Director, will share the contents of a new whitepaper on how onboarding should be adjusted for Millennials; what new practices look like and how retention can be improved. 


Our special guest speaker Lucy Adams has a unique perspective on how to manage Millennials as they join up to four other generations in today’s workplace. Lucy is the former head of HR for both the BBC and law firm Eversheds and will share her experience of the impact that the rise of Millennials has had and how you can get the most out of them.


Our regular contributor, the economics journalist Declan Curry, will provide, as a backdrop to our presentations, an overview of the macro-economy and its likely impact on early careers recruitment.

From the event

View all the presentations here and check out the photos from the day.