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Snippets of great stuff


Employee expectations are evolving, and it’s fundamentally changing the world of work. How? Why? When? These are just some of the questions organisations want answers to. At Havas People, we have the knowledge and insight to explain what’s going on.

Every few months, alongside industry experts, we share this insight through our breakfast seminar series, Talent Bites. Open to HR professionals, each event is a fascinating dive into how you can tackle the most pressing talent and recruitment issues of today and tomorrow.


Engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by 21%. Moreover, organisations with engaged employees experience a 19% increase in income versus a 33% decrease in income with those who are disengaged. 

So how should you engage with your employees and what exactly will you gain from it?

In 2017 we published the white paper ‘Are people a company’s greatest asset?’ which explored and challenged that very claim, made by several FTSE 100 companies. At Talent Bites in March, we'll reveal how these companies engage their employees and improve business performance.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from organisations that are already integrating employee engagement into their business strategy and impacting the bottom line.



Sarah Sturton. Organisation Development Director, Nomad Foods Europe

Janet Kettels. Vice President, Communications and PR, Allergan International

Tatiana Cervak. Brand and External Affairs Manager, Umicore