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Deloitte offers brilliant opportunities to ambitious graduates. But due to the range of opportunities, students sometimes struggle to see how they could fit in. Our task was to educate students about Deloitte’s work and different business areas. What’s more, in the saturated graduate marketplace, we had to help Deloitte stand out.


On campus we gave students cards representing business areas, highlighting areas that might suit their individual interests. They also received a unique pixel portrait, created by a digital artist. Through Facebook, students could also create and share pixel characters online.


Deloitte’s Facebook page has gained 4,000 new fans, and the teaser video alone had 1,714 views – showing that we truly engaged our audience. Anecdotal feedback has been very positive and students told us they would be more attracted to Deloitte due to the innovation that it showed. Most importantly, in the first month alone Deloitte received 4,786 applications.