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Each year, we create the campaign for Deloitte’s Graduate Scheme. Up late 2015, we were only able to track media performance based on clicks and applications numbers. However, a key bit of data was missing. Out of the successful applications, which media source did they start their application from? This is the Holy Grail of data for many clients, yet it’s hardly ever used (mainly because it’s just so hard to match it up with the client’s Applicant Tracking System).


This year, we decided to follow our graduates on their applicant journey. To start with, we used Google’s Tag Manager to pass the unique applicant IDs back to our AdServer DoubleClick. Next, we linked up these IDs with those of our client’s Applicant Tracking System. This enabled us to see not only which media channel was generating the most engagement levels in terms of clicks, but also which tended to attract the most successful applications


Since introducing this innovation, we’ve been able to optimise our service for our client. That means not only are we targeting the most effective channels, but these channels are also working harder for our client. Interestingly, we noticed that certain websites in particular were driving high levels of applications for Deloitte. Some of these were, in fact, smaller graduate websites which used more tagged inventory. These means we’re able to keep are targeting on point throughout the campaign – and we can even go back to negotiate better (and sometimes free) inventory on behalf of Deloitte.

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