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Bringing together 12 councils from across the Greater Manchester area, The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) is the place for anyone wanting a career thatmakes a difference to their local area. However, its website was anything but an appealing destination. Disjointed and difficult to navigate, we won a pitch to give it a revamp just as it was about to go out of commission. But as this was a new enterprise, we wanted to give AGMA a new, cohesive identity too – one that would demonstrate the sense of unity for the collaboration, while maintaining the sense of individuality for each council. 

With some bold ideas already brewing, we set to work on developing a brand-new portal to transform AGMA’s presence online. That included building a bespoke ATS for 9 of the participating councils, with the capacity to work seamlessly alongside the careers site. This was going to be a complete overhaul – and one that would completely change AGMA’s digital presence and candidate experience. 


It was clear from the beginning that this site needed to be much more than a job board. We had to create a better candidate journey for the audience from first impressions all the way through to application stage – from branding and user experience (UI/UX) to finding that perfect job.  

The solution to this was to truly engage our audience by being more emotive and convincing. Which we did, by developing a unique brand that brought the individual places they could live and work in to life, across 12 different boroughs, in a bright and illustrative style. Depicting all the nuances that defined each area, we could tell the stories of the people that live and work in those areas – and evolve the site into being much more inclusive and accessible for our hugely diverse audience. 

We added some impressive UX features, such a career explorer tool that could help our audience find the right opportunities for them. But perhaps the biggest game-changer was the site’s new name – – a destination platform that certainly looks and feels very different to every other board in the marketplace. 


Is it working? Well, the figures from the first year would certainly say so: 

Page Views = 16,937,588 

Unique Page View = 13,490,671 

In the first 8 months, the site posted 18,896 vacancies and received 139, 824 applications allowing the participating councils to make 2,406 job offers. 

Aside from the figures, we were able to deliver the website and functioning ATS on time and on budget. Not to mention complete stakeholder buy-in with the new brand style across all 12 partners. The client was thrilled with the results and asked us to develop additional marketing plans for