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With high volumes of graduate hires, experienced recruitment and an ATS with no end-to-end capabilities, Mazars was left with a heavy burden of paper-based administration. They had to print each candidate’s application and manually track their progress on a spreadsheet. Conducting online tests, processing agency applications, sending applications to managers, and corresponding with candidates was all done manually. It was time for a substantial digital overhaul. So, Mazars went in the search for an ATS that would allow themto move the entire recruitment process online, reducing administration and streamlining the process for both graduate and experienced hires.   


Delighted to have been selected by Mazars, the Engage ATS team immediately began the implementation process. During this process, they transferred all of Mazars’ recruitment materials online. Online testing, agency recruitment, manager shortlisting and online scheduling are a few of the key functionalities the Engage ATS team configured on the system, each one helping to provide Mazars with the structure and efficiencies they were looking for.After the implementation process was complete, the fully-fledged Mazars Engage ATS system was launched and the Mazars recruitment team was able to start running all recruitment online. 


This was a huge shake-up that transformed the way Mazars handled their recruitment. In addition to improving the overall automation of managing candidates through an end-to-end process, a number of other key activities have been greatly improved by Engage ATS. It’s given Mazars full control and structure around agency recruitment, meaning they can communicate directly with candidates. It’s unlocked a new, online testing ability that processes candidates without the need for any administrative intervention. Interview times can be managed at the click of a button, with scheduling and communications completed with ease. But most of all, we’ve been able to make life much easier for the recruiting team – and create better experiences for candidates too. 


If you'd like to find out more please get in touch with Frank Kinrade