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The Ministry of Defence needed to hire a large volume of police constables. They were also keen to attract a more diverse audience. This meant challenging traditional perceptions of a career in the MOD Police, and finding a fresh way to engage with potential applicants. The key challenge was to capture the attention of a passive audience.


We produced a visually arresting, interactive ad for the Metro’s tablet edition. Using CGI we created the likeness of a typical MOD police gun using objects that represent the soft skills required for the role – such as patience and stamina. This was supplemented through a flurry of online marketing – all leading to a new, responsive website.


The campaign got off to a strong start with 302 applications in the first month. Awareness grew, the website received over 113,000 visitors – each averaging 3.37 page views per visit. 3,240 application forms have been downloaded, only 702 of those were by people in other forces. This shows that our campaign did indeed reach a wider audience. The campaign has also appeared on Ads of The World.