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As one of the world’s leading accounting, audit and advisory networks, efficiency and process are paramount to Moore Stephens in all aspects of their operations – especially when it comes to recruitment. Before advertising any new vacancy, they have to ensure sign-off from all key stakeholders and then feed that back to the recruitment team. Just to make things more challenging, this all needed to happen in a consolidated and effective manner without any cumbersome paperwork, lengthy email trails or tracking across multiple systems. Their goal was to reduce the time it took to gain sign-off for vacancy approval so that all vacancies could be advertised sooner and filled quicker. And they wanted this done within one central application system that would allow them to manage all stages of their candidates’ journey. 


The Engage ATS team worked with the client very closely to map out their vacancy approval process, understand what information needed capturing and communicating, and determine when to engage with each of the stakeholders. The result was a centralised request system where managers can submit business cases to gain sign-off and vacancy approval for additional or replacement resource. 

The approval request system possesses the flexibility to shape itself to the needs of each business case: no matter what level of vacancy is being requested, the system will make sure that the correct stakeholders are engaged at all times. By a single click within an email, any stakeholder is able to quickly review requests and approve or reject them with the click of a button, while the system automatically updates other key stakeholders on current progress. 

With this new, centralised process in place, the Moore Stephens resourcing team have been given the tools they need to manage every part of the candidate journey. Now, not only can they can receive notification of a fully approved vacancy, but they can create an advert and have it published for candidates to apply to within the hour.  


By centralising all of our recruitment practices within Engage ATS, we have been able to streamline the entire recruitment process. And, as our processes and requirements shift and evolve over time, the team at Engage ATS work with us to make sure that the system continues to meet our needs and ensure a successful candidate journey end-to-end. A true and continuing working partnership! 

- Ryan Tindall, Resourcing Manager 


If you'd like to find out more please get in touch with Frank Kinrade