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Global materials tech firm Morgan Advanced Materials were in the market for talented engineering graduates who were also natural leaders. Specialising in products made from carbon, advanced ceramics and composites, it’s a broad business with enormous reach and even more impressive revenues. Ideal for any ambitious grad. But as well as struggling to compete against employers with the marketing spend and appeal of Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover, they faced the added problem of needing to recruit across Europe and the UK. 

They were looking for a system which would enable each region to streamline their operations as well as empower line managers to handle some of the processes themselves. With each area of the business working very differently across its global geographies, it was clear that a centralisation overhaul was high on the agenda. 

Morgan needed a different way to get in front of relevant students and get ahead of the competition; with a smoother, seamless candidate experience that could work on a global scale. And that’s exactly what we delivered. 


First, the attraction campaign. Havas People’s team developed a strong creative concept to roll out across a number of cost-effective platforms to engage and educate the right people. Running across key student media, we launched a highly-targeted, three-month awareness campaign that had Facebook at its core, focusing on creating a self-sustaining talent community. We also used paid social media to reach out to great-fit candidates, building relationships before we visited campuses and job fairs. 

Then, we addressed the recruitment process itself. The engage|ats team delivered a number of discovery workshops, which fed into a specification that could cater to all of Morgan Advanced Materials’ regions and cultural considerations. Our ability to support multiple languages would be a real benefit to both candidate and recruiter – creating a more positive experience for all. From here, we could set to work on developing the design and functionality of the system and identify the early adopters who would help us champion the launch.  


The results were impressive. In just two months, our attraction campaign reached 459,788 people on social media. There were 3,534 likes and shares, and fans grew by 273. We also created a more efficient and time-effective ATS that allowed managers to take ownership of their recruitment needs. But most importantly, Morgan saw a huge increase in applications to their European Graduate Leadership ProgrammeCompared to the previous year, applications rose from 600 to 2000, an increase of 333%. 


If you'd like to find out more please get in touch with Nicky Scanlan.