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Global materials tech firm Morgan Advanced Materials were in the market for graduate talent. Specialising in products engineered from carbon, advanced ceramics and composites, it’s a broad business with enormous reach and even more impressive revenues, ideal for any ambitious grad. While Havas People’s attraction team handled a strong media-driven campaign, engage|ats were enlisted to support the recruitment process. And after a successful European campaign, we also had the chance to pitch for a global system for North America and Asia too. 


They were looking for a system which would enable each region to streamline their operations as well as empower line managers to handle some of the processes themselves. With each area of the business working very differently across its global geographies, it was clear that a centralisation overhaul was high on the agenda. 


The engage|ats team ran a number of discovery workshops, which fed into a specification that could cater to all of Morgan Advanced Materials’ regions and cultural considerations. Our capabilities in supporting multiple languages would be a real benefit to both candidate and recruiter – creating a more positive and inclusive experience. From here, we could set to work on developing the design and functionality of the system and identify the early adopters who would help us champion the launch.  


Since then, we’ve gone live for all regions and schemes from graduate to lateral hire. All vacancies are now posted on engage|ats and managers can short-list candidates saving considerable time. While there’s still some work to be done on improving the working practices and resources in other regions, we’ve seen significant progress in how Morgan Advanced Materials handles its recruitment and with a 333% increase in applications to their Graduate Leadership Scheme alone, it couldn’t have come at a better time! 


If you'd like to find out more please get in touch with Frank Kinrade