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The aim of ‘The World Works Better With Us’ project was to develop a brand campaign and identity for the Engineering and Physical Sciences (E&PS) provision at The University of Manchester, that would engage a broad range of audiences, including potential and current students, staff, civic, the local Manchester community, industry and alumni – and communicate why the area of Engineering and Physical Sciences (E&PS) at The University of Manchester is worthy of its global reputation.


We discovered that a key barrier to audiences engaging with the University was the idea that a fantastic academic reputation did not translate into tangible real world outputs. In fact, the opposite was true. Sciences at The University of Manchester have had a huge impact on how we live our lives. We spoke with some of the academics and other staff to find out what the best discoveries and ‘firsts’ of the University were, and developed a brand and creative campaign around ‘The World Works Better With Us.’


Buy-in has been achieved at every level of the organisation. Any original resistance has been converted to advocacy, with the central team not only supporting the project but by recognising its merits and putting forward their own ideas for applications. A similar reception has come from the academic community who have welcomed the radical approach to story-telling. This has reassured the faculty marketing team that the project has created a sense of ‘ownership’ and a sense of community identity.