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University of the West of England (UWE) had identified Brazil as an emerging market for student recruitment, and came to us to help them to understand their positioning in this market. Our initial research showed that whilst the number of Brazilian students coming to study in the UK was increasing, the number of students applying to UWE wasn’t following the same trend.


To achieve the increase in applications, it was clear that we would need to develop a better awareness of the UWE brand. We knew we could achieve this by establishing a social media presence that engaged with students in a ‘shareable’ format, establishing peer-led referral and confidence in the brand. ‘The Brazil Challenge’ competition was developed and hosted via bespoke tabs on the UWE + Brazil Facebook page. To enter the competition, prospective students were asked to create a 2 minute video that showed UWE why they needed them as a student, and why they had chosen UWE. The winners of the general competition would receive a 50% scholarship, and the winner of the MBA Challenge would receive a 100% scholarship.


This was a highly successful campaign. There were 12 entries into the competition  resulting in 3 very worthy winners. The Brazilian student number increased to 118 over the course of a year, well exceeding the target student intake of 25. During the course of the 8 week campaign we grew the Facebook page community by 5,523 fans and over 10% of these new fans visited the competition tabs.


5,523 Facebook fans

12 competition entries

Increase of 110 students