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Done right, employee engagement isn’t just about improving the bottom line. It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships between the employee and the organisation, which by association will improve the bottom line. So we focus on ideas and interventions that enable and empower employees to lead better working lives, to produce better work and, ultimately, to drive better business performance.


It’s an approach we can bring to any business challenge, at any level, and sees us do anything from auditing existing internal communications, right through to designing new engagement strategies and delivering meaningful solutions.

Our Consultants 


Fiona Morris (UK, Europe & Middle East)

 “I believe employees are the living embodiment of an organisation’s culture and they need to feel empowered, engaged and enabled to align to your vision and values. Take a recent project we’ve done for one of the world’s biggest global materials technology and recycling companies. Their recognition strategy wasn’t inclusive or generating a company-wide feeling of celebration. So we developed a new approach that is in-line with their vision and their employer brand, and utilises the new internal social media channels.”


 Tim Lotherington (Far East)

 “In a world that changes so fast, it’s crucial that the workforce is engaged culturally and with the business direction. At the end of 2016 we started working with a leading French healthcare company in Asia, to help them communicate critical structural changes. Their workforce had seen a lot of recent change and was growing weary of new initiatives. So we developed a new communications plan, that introduced new, more meaningful interventions such as road shows and cultural workshops.”


Tim Middleton (USA and Canada)

 “In my experience, employee engagement is the most underutilised tactic. There’s no better ambassador for your business than your people. So when a global professional services partnership asked us to help share their new EVP in an authentic way, using ambassadors seemed like the obvious route. We developed a 10-week pilot programme that saw 69 ambassadors create 98 pieces of social content. These were shared over 10,000 times – raising awareness for the organisation, and also improving personal brands and social recruiting skills. It’s now being rolled out globally.”