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Every year we make sure that close to a million prospectuses pop through the letterboxes of the prospective students who ordered them. Which is no mean feat. Especially when you’re talking global. Direct mail services, bespoke mailings and personalised prospectuses, bulk prospectus distribution, alumni magazine fulfilment and shared mailings to schools, colleges and careers centres. We offer a wide range of services. So there’s something to suit everyone.

If you’re a school that wants prospectuses, visit our prospectus ordering system to get your hands on next year’s 

If you’re a university that wants to send out prospectuses, read on.


Bulk Prospectus Distribution

We offer universities and colleges the most reliable and cost-effective way of distributing multiple copies of prospectuses to all schools, colleges, careers offices, libraries and other reference points worldwide. Throughout the year we collate all requests for both undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses from all of our UK and overseas recipients for all UK universities.

You can view our distribution dates here.

Shared Mailing Service

Take advantage of our cost-effective weekly mailings to schools with sixth forms in the UK. This service is designed to help you get your information about new courses, open days and general information into schools, colleges and career centres.

Bespoke Mailings

Using our tailor made database and other carefully sourced lists you can send what you want, to who you want, at any time that fits in with your printing and marketing schedule.