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Twitter? Check. Facebook? Check. Instagram? Also, check. Social media is amazing but it can be difficult to know what content is where. After all, there are so many different channels. What’s more, the content (no matter how good) can be hard to share with everyone on your main website.


Here are some of the great features of the Social Wall:


All in one place
Showcasing all of your social content in one place lets people explore your brand. It can also help you to grow your followers across many different channels.

Easy to set up
We can integrate a Social Wall into any website. Whether it’s your corporate site or a dedicated careers one, all of your social content will be displayed on a single, dynamic page.

Unite your social media
Whatever your favourite channels, any social media with an API can be featured on your wall.

Find what you want
Users can search the Social Wall – for trending topics or hashtags, for instance – as well as filter posts by specific channels.

Stay in control
You can moderate what content appears on your wall, right down to individual posts.

Automatically updates
The Social Wall updates whenever one of your channels does. So when you post a new piece of content, the feed will automatically update within 15 minutes.

Branded content
The wall features your organisation’s own unique branding – so it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your website
or marketing activities.

Responsive design
It’s responsive, which means that it’ll work on any device and screen size.

Interactive events
The Social Wall can be used as a standalone solution at events, offering you a live stream of official social media channels, hashtags and delegates’ posts.