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Push Notifications

You can instantly update all of your users with timely and relevant content.

Updated Content

Content can be added, updated and removed throughout the year through a browser based CMS. CMS training and user guides are provided. 

Advertising Revenue

There’s even the opportunity to generate revenue through in-app advertising.

Event Booking/Registration

Allow users to sign up and register for your events through the app. 

Chat Integration

The app has the capability of using chat integration software. 

All Countries

The app can be downloaded from anywhere in the world depending on where your students are.

Social Media

You can combine multiple social media feeds within the app.

A Bespoke Solution

The design of the app is tailored totally to you.

Our Uni Discover App allows you to deliver relevant content to students at every step of their journey by bringing all of your student support into one place. Whether they’re prospective students, UCAS applicants or first years that are enrolling. You can send them all kinds of content like good luck messages just before results day and advice on the application process and clearing.

Register here and we’ll be in touch on how we can build one for you.

Want to know more about our Uni Discover App?

Fill in your details and we’ll be in touch. You can also email our Education Director Adam Mitchell for more info.