CASE STUDY: BP - Bright Ideas

Self-powered ads. Now there’s a thought

The Challenge

The world needs more energy, but it also needs this energy to be developed in increasingly sustainable and greener ways. BP call this The Dual Challenge, and it’s probably one of the biggest challenges the world is facing right now. To achieve it, they need to hire the smartest thinkers around. People who have the ability to ask new questions.

The Solution

Telling people what BP were trying to do, would only get us so far. To really cut through, we needed to demonstrate what type of organisation this was and what type of thinking it demanded. So we took over a series of backlit adshel sites and turned the power off. We didn’t need it. Instead our ads were printed using phosphorescent inks that absorbed natural light during the day, and slowly released the energy as a glow at night. In doing so we eliminated the need for any other form of energy.

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