CASE STUDY: HMPPS - Dear Britain

Sometimes it takes letter to change hearts and minds

The Challenge

Following the success of their previous campaign, HMPPS wanted to attract a second cohort to their Senior Leadership Scheme – one that reflected the diversity of the prison population. While the last campaign had fed off naïve opinions, the media narrative surrounding prisons in England and Wales had since changed. The negative views and accusations of the Service being ‘clueless and in crisis’ had made way for more balanced opinion and questions on why the Service was being run in the way it was. 

The Solution

The inquisitive nature of our audience gave us an opportunity to make the latest campaign a platform for the voices, opinions and ideas of the current cohort, Prison Governors and the then Prison Minister, Rory Stewart. Through letters that were directly addressed to the British public and videos that answered people’s most pressing and challenging concerns, we were able to tell the most authentic story of what being a leader in the Prison Service was like.

The Results

The campaign generated over 100,000 impressions and generated plenty of discussion across social media. That helped drive more than 300 applications and subsequently 15 new future leaders.

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