CASE STUDY: Standard Bank - I Want In

Getting young African’s to put their best foot forward

The Challenge

Standard Bank is Africa’s bank. Its purpose is to drive her growth. But while doing a role that benefits your community, your country and your continent appeals to Africa’s GenZ, banking isn’t the sector in which they think they can do it. We needed to run a four-month, Africa-wide campaign that dismissed the perceptions Afrillennials had about Standard Bank and attract a diverse group of talent to the business.

The Solution

We wanted to show Afrillennials that Standard Bank was far more in-tune with their values and wants than they thought. So we devised a campaign that gave our audience an opportunity to share what they want from a career and what they don’t. We also teamed up with a sneaker brand who share Standard Bank’s desire to better Africa’s future. In doing so we were able to drive participation, boost sentiment and demonstrate the kind of organisation that Standard Bank is.

Competition entries

The Winners

The Results

Our four-month convention breaking campaign reached beyond the talentpool Standard Bank had traditionally attracted. The reach on Facebook alone was more than 1.3m. In total more than 25,000 applications were received from across Africa. Up 28% on the previous year.

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