CASE STUDY: HMPPS - If it was easy

If only it was as easy as this makes out

The challenge

It used to take facts to be an expert. Now it takes 140 characters. That’s especially true when it comes to HMPPS in England and Wales. Fuelled by a less-than-objective media, this swathe of negative, naïve and unsubstantiated opinion about our prisons was making it incredibly difficult for the Service to attract new talent. Something they desperately needed to overcome to attract 20 graduate-calibre candidates to its new Senior Leadership Scheme.

The Solution

It would have been easy to circumnavigate the conversation. But instead we hit it head on. Taking ill-informed opinion social media and putting it front and centre of our campaign. By calling out those who shared simplistic views, we were able to attract those who had the opposite view. Who understood there was no easy fix. Who understood the complexity and diversity of challenges that need to be overcome before you can turn someone’s life around.

The Results

In three weeks we generated over 400 applications, and subsequently 23 hires. A number of whom then featured in our follow-up campaign a year later – Dear Britain.

RADs: Work of the Year & Best Integrated Campaign

RMAs: Grand Prix, Best Campaign & Best Use of Social

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