CASE STUDY: NTU - Sorry not sorry

Turns out sorry isn’t the hardest word after all

The Challenge

Clearing is generally seen as a time when students look for a new university to go to if they haven’t got the grades they were expecting. But with NTU having climbed ten places in the university rankings and been named the University of the Year, they had a different message to share. Clearing is your opportunity to come to a university that’s going places.

The Solution

Clearing can be an anxious time, when students feel they have to accept anything that comes their way. We wanted them to stay in control of their future and make them feel the power was in their hands. So our campaign encouraged students to break up with their original uni choice and head to one that was far more attractive. Oh, and not feel apologetic for doing so. It’s their future, after all.

The Results

It was a campaign the like of which had never been seen before – generating plenty of buzz amongst students and slightly jealous rival universities. In terms of the numbers, well NTU filled all their clearing places in just three days. #sorrynotsorry

People wouldn’t care if 77% of brands disappeared!*