Platform deep dive- TIKTOK for Early Careers Talent Marketing

by AARUSHI AGARWAL | Published on September 23rd, 2022

By now, most people have heard of TikTok – a great app for making short and catchy video content.

It is a platform that is well consumed by early career talent – from those who are just about to start their career or those a year or two into their work lives. They are an inquisitive audience, as they are often unfamiliar with corporate life, offices, job profiles, and so on. Hence, they tend to use these platforms to gather more information.

A great way to engage this audience is to utilise your current early talent within your organisation by encouraging them to make content and connect with your audience. Viewers tend to engage more when they feel that the person sharing content is real and sharing genuine, authentic information, such as your company values or behind-the-scenes content about what it is like to work for you. And putting a spotlight on your employees, can also help make them feel engaged, trusted, and valued by your organisation, and can support their professional development too. But what kind of content can you get them involved in?

Some ideas include:

DIMYDay in my life content is an all-time favourite of the viewers. This also works as a “video job description” as it provides viewers with information on what they might be doing if they apply for the role.

Office Tours– this content helps viewers to visualise the workplace and is also a great way for the organisation to showcase their work ethics, and the benefits provided to their employees.

Employee testimonials– This includes feedback from current employees and helps to provide credible information to the users.

An additional benefit of producing content for TikTok is that because it is not on everyone’s job hunt radar, it is used more when people are relaxing and enjoying some downtime. So, by posting on TikTok, organisations will have the advantage of being present and reaching audiences during different parts of their day. For example, they might look at a job opening on LinkedIn while they are specifically searching for jobs, but then later in the day while scrolling through TikTok, they might find a video by a talent marketing manager demonstrating what life would be like in the role.

A great example of an organisation utilising TikTok as part of its early talent recruitment strategy is KPMG Ireland. Currently, their follower base is just under a thousand people with around 5 thousand likes, but they are doing a great job of sharing DIML content with interns and demonstrating the large early talent scheme that they have. As many viewers will be unaware of the various opportunities at KPMG and what is involved in each type of role, posting these videos will help to break this barrier.

Finally, incorporating TikTok into your talent marketing strategy will help reach your target audience effectively. While focusing on employee spotlights and sharing real behind-the-scenes content with viewers, the platform will no doubt help to increase the reach and awareness of your brand.