Whats new on Social in june

by AOIFE KENNEDY | Published on July 29th, 2022

Here is the latest news from the Social & Digital world for the month of June: 

📍 1. In June 2022, Instagram rolled out ‘pins’, a feature allowing users to pin up to three posts to the top of their profile grid. Users can pin both reels and photos from anywhere in their timeline to highlight imagery most important to them. The ability to pin these posts allows for further creativity in presenting important works on profiles. To pin a post, the user must click the three dots on the top right corner of the desired post and select ‘pin to your profile’. This then moves the post to the top of the user’s profile grid. Pinning posts is an important asset to our clients who may wish to highlight important information or campaigns without it getting pushed further down the grid. 


📝 2. Twitter further loosens character restrictions with the introduction of ‘Notes’. In an attempt to reduce users from leaving the site to read articles, the platform is testing their own method of article style writing. Notes present like an external article and the linked tweet will display a headline and header image. Upon clicking this, the user will be taken to a separate Twitter notes section featuring a longform blog style piece with header images, embedded tweets, and images. 


💭 3. Pinterest has taken their idea pin and introduced Idea Ads which specifically target user feeds according to the content they digest. Idea Ads behave similarly to idea pins but reach a larger audience through paid promotion. The platform has also launched a paid partnership tool, allowing creators to tag partnered brands into idea pins and showcasing the brand name alongside the creators username. 


️ 4. Twitter officially introduced ‘Branded Likes’ to the UK, US, and Japanese markets. This feature allows brands to create a custom animation which displays for up to 24 hours after a user clicks the like button and aims to encourage Twitter users’ engagement with branded posts. You may have seen this feature utilised across a variety of Twitter campaigns. How does this work? The feature appears on any organic or promoted tweets and is triggered through the use of a selected hashtag – meaning the animation will appear when any user uses the selected hashtag.  


📈 5. A report, released by YouTube, investigated the key consumption trends amongst Gen Z. Through this it was found that 65% of Gen Z agree that content tailored to them trumps over trending content discussed by others. It was also found that 57% of Gen Z appreciate when a brand participates in memes – this means it may be time to incorporate some fun into social media branding.  

Wondering how these updates could benefit your employer brand? Get in touch with our Social Team to find out more.